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Why vertical living could be your best retirement choice

30 Oct 2018

It’s hailed as the future, but high-rise retirement living is already proving itself to be a great option for many new generation retirees.

While traditional retirement villages are wonderful, they’re not for everyone. Choice is freedom, as they say, and retirement is certainly the time to choose a lifestyle that’s just right for you.

Vertical retirement villages are the medium- and high-rise retirement living options that have opened up an exciting future for Australian city dwellers. And they’re exactly what new generation retirees have been looking for to carve out a retirement that’s completely different to that of previous generations.

Drummond Place rooftop 

Drummond Place, Carlton

City life at your feet

Vertical living commonly happens in the midst of city life, so there’s easy access to the people you love and the activities you enjoy, whether you like to volunteer, stay active, travel or enjoy the arts, culture and entertainment scene. With high-rise options in the city, it also makes it easier to choose a location nearer to family, friends and community, which is important for retirees living alone who can feel isolated in retirement villages miles away from their connections.

Luxury living

The next generation of retirees has made it clear they want one thing: to live the way they choose.

That’s why vertical living doesn’t come in a standard, one-size-fits all design. Instead, each building is architecturally tailored to provide a range of units, communal spaces, modern interiors akin to luxury residential developments, and community facilities. Vertical retirement villages are also known for utilising smart technologies – as is befitting to city life – with upmarket entertainment options, in-house services, security and health technology.

The Grace Albert Park lake, lounge

The Grace Albert Park Lake, South Melbourne  (Artist impression)

A low maintenance life

Forget struggling to clean the gutters, mow the lawns or spending days pulling weeds – vertical living offers a low maintenance lifestyle. That means more time to do the things you actually enjoy, with easy access to the city’s most beautiful gardens.

Continuity of care

It’s important to many retirees to have the security of knowing support is on hand. With vertical living, this is done in a unique way: combining retirement villages with aged care facilities on site, so there’s support available at every stage of retired life.

Of course, vertical retirement living also offers the benefits of traditional retirement villages, such as living in a community of like-minded people, affordability and on-site health care.

With all the best parts of the traditional retirement village, but in new locations in the bright lights of the city, a vertical retirement village will be the answer to the question ‘What’s next?’ for many.

The Grace Albert Park Lake external facade 

The Grace Albert Park Lake, South Melbourne  (Artist impression)


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