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About Australian Unity Membership

Putting our Members first

Established in 1840, Australian Unity was Australia’s first member-owned wellbeing company. Being the first member-owned wellbeing company, we have more flexibility to invest in products and services that allow our Members, customers and the community to thrive. Whatever your wellbeing needs are, we’re here for you.

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Member rights

Australian Unity Members can elect to receive key company documents such as Notices of Meeting and Annual Reports (noting, Members can elect to not receive the Annual Report) in hard-copy or via email.

If you are a Member and do not hold a ‘mutual capital instrument’ click here to update your preferences. If you are a Member and hold a ‘mutual capital instrument’, please log-in at our registry, Link Market Services to update your preferences. You can also make ad-hoc requests to receive these documents by contacting our Member Engagement Team on 1300 682 744 or email at