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Your Australian Unity membership

Be part of the journey

The original shapers of Australian Unity were advocates for better government policy. We continue in this vein today and encourage you to engage with us. As a member, we want to know your thoughts on important policies.

Being a member of a mutual company is different. Australian Unity doesn’t have shareholders pushing for higher returns; it exists for the benefit of members like you. 

As a member-based mutual organisation, we shape our range of health, wealth and living products and services to suit the community’s needs. Membership means you can participate in the organisation’s governance. You can have your say at our annual general meetings and you have an equal vote on any resolutions.

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Your membership benefits

As a member of Australian Unity, you have access to some special offers:

  • 10% off the cost of travel insurance. Call 1300 130 935 and mention your Australian Unity membership to our insurance consultant, to be eligible for the offer.
  • 30% off tickets to selected performances of the Brandenburg Orchestra (A, B & C Reserve seats). Subject to availability, limit 4 tickets per order. Use promotion code AUSTRALIAN UNITY when booking. Book now.
For further information about Australian Unity's membership benefits please contact

Member's guarantee

Member’s Guarantee: Each Non Shareholder Member undertakes to contribute an amount not exceeding $1 to the property of the Company in the event of the Company being wound up while they are a Member or within 1 year afterwards.

Rule 2.2 of the Australian Unity Limited Constitution, can be found on our Board, policies and charters webpage here.