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Specialist Disability
Accommodation Fund

Our purpose

We invest in social infrastructure and sustainable communities to support the wellbeing of all Australians. This encompasses a wide range of physical assets to support social services and improve quality of life. It includes retirement living and aged care facilities, student accommodation, healthcare, social and affordable housing, childcare and disability housing.

The Specialist Disability Accommodation Fund (the Fund) is a wholesale fund that focuses on investing in high-quality Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in attractive locations to support Australians living with a disability. The Fund acquires and develops market leading SDA properties for occupation by National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Participants.

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High quality assets

The Fund invests in high-quality assets in attractive locations to ensure superior outcomes for tenants. These dwellings are designed and built to SDA specifications, in order to maximise accessibility and ease of living and supports Participant’s independence.

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Best practice partners and providers

The Fund partners with accredited SDA Providers and works with Participants to appoint preferred Supported Independent Living (SIL) Providers to ensure the SDA operation provides efficient shared and individual care and support

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Participant led SDA

The Fund only invests in projects expected to produce exemplary tenant outcomes and enhance the quality of life for Participants. This includes limiting density (Participants in a dwelling and SDA dwellings in a development) and ensuring Participants are engaged in tenant matching

About the Fund

Across Australia there is strong demand for all types of social infrastructure, with need for both new accommodation and redevelopment of existing facilities. We work with a wide field of stakeholders within the housing, disability and social sectors to provide suitable and contemporary housing for people with a range of abilities.

Australian Unity established the Specialist Disability Accommodation Fund in April 2020. The Fund invests in accessible residential property that has been purpose built for people living with disabilities (Participants). The Fund is a landlord only, with rent paid by the NDIS on behalf of Participants. The SDA program is a key pillar of the NDIS, designed to provide Participant's choice and control over where, how and with whom they live.

Why invest?

Since inception the Fund has established a portfolio of SDA dwellings which underpins current performance and provides a strong platform upon which to grow future acquisition and development.

  • SDA dwellings are defensive investments supported by an attractive Government funded income stream.
  • There is significant unmet demand for additional SDA dwellings across varying locations, building types and design categories.
  • SDA payments are subject to ongoing indexation and benchmarking to ensure relative performance in changing environments.
  • Australian Unity has employed experts in the asset class to ensure the Fund navigates the nuanced scheme, to optimise outcomes, opportunities and manage risks.

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Adam Kirk
Head of Intermediated Markets
M 0403 515 401

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Liam Keegan
Manager Wholesale Wealth
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Jacob Edwards
SDA Fund Manager
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