FuneralPlan Bond

What is the FuneralPlan Bond?

A simple and effective way to put money aside and accumulate funds to help meet the cost of funeral expenses.

The FuneralPlan Bond offers capital guaranteed and growth investment options, and may offer valuable tax and social security advantages. A FuneralPlan Bond is very flexible however funds cannot be withdrawn prior to death. Individuals may, if they wish, nominate or assign their FuneralPlan Bond to a funeral director of their choice at any time.

The FuneralPlan Bond helps investors seeking strategies for safeguarding the age pension and entitlements for a surviving spouse and to improve or maintain Centrelink entitlements and reduce tax.


This is a product for individuals seeking a tax-effective, long-term investment to accumulate savings for the costs of their funeral.

What FuneralPlan Bond offers:

Tax efficiency
  • Tax paid investment returns, with annual bonuses exempt from personal income tax
  • Will not negatively impact Centrelink pension or social security entitlements*
* Subject to the 'exempt funeral investment threshold' set by the Government each year
Flexibility with funeral planning
  • Can be opened in single or joint names
  • No health restrictions for applicants unlike funeral insurance
  • Flexibility and choice to nominate funeral director and type of service
  • Optional Travel Protection Plan#
    # Application for the Travel Protection Plan must observe the deferral period under the Deferred Sales Model for Add-On Insurance. Refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for further details.
Choice of Investment options
  • Capital guaranteed option ensures all investor contributions and allocated bonuses are capital guaranteed by Lifeplan
  • Conservative and Moderate investment options have the potential to outperform the return from the Capital Guaranteed option

Who is the FuneralPlan Bond suitable for?

  • Investors looking for a peace of mind, tax effective and low cost solution to managing funeral expenses
  • Investors who have a desire to pre-plan and have total control over how their funeral is managed
  • Investors looking to improve or maintain Centrelink entitlements while reducing tax

How is the FuneralPlan Bond performing?

How to invest

1. Register with Australian Unity as a Financial Adviser

Financial advisers are only eligible to invest in the FuneralPlan Bond if they are a registered adviser with Australian Unity.

Visit our online adviser portal to become a registered financial adviser today.

2. Submit the application form
Via mail, email or fax

Simply complete and return the Application form found at the bottom of the Product Disclosure Statement along with the initial contribution to the investment which can be made via direct debit, BPAY® or cheque.

Download Disclosure Document

Via the adviser portal

Log in to the online adviser portal and submit an application online.

® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518

Contact a BDM in your area or our Adviser Services team on 1300 133 285. We'll be able to help you with any questions you have.
Are you an investor?

If you are an investor who is interested in investing in the FuneralPlan Bond, please contact your financial adviser to discuss your investment options.

Alternatively, visit Funeral Plan Management for more information. Founded in 1984, Funeral Plan Management is the leader in its field, providing security and peace of mind for over 170,000 clients.

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