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Australian Unity requires vaccinated workplaces

21 Oct 2021

Wellbeing company Australian Unity today announced that from the end of this year, people in its workplaces must be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Government vaccination requirements already apply to the company’s residential aged care workforce and its authorised workers as prescribed by public health orders. Australian Unity also announced in September that about 4,000 of its frontline human services employees working in home care, disability, healthcare and Indigenous Services must be fully vaccinated by no later than 31 December 2021.

This latest announcement extends the vaccination requirement to about 1,000 employees in wealth, retail (health insurance and banking) and corporate roles. From 31 December 2021, this remaining cohort of the company’s 7000-plus workforce will need to be fully vaccinated to attend their workplace. This requirement also applies to customers, contractors, and anybody else who enters an Australian Unity workplace.

Australian Unity’s Group Managing Director, Mr Rohan Mead said:

“Protecting customers and employees in our aged care services has been our priority since the pandemic emerged in early 2020. To date, we have prevented any large outbreaks in these vulnerable communities and have avoided any COVID-related deaths.

“However, as a company committed to the wellbeing of all its members, customers, employees and the broader community, we believe that striving for a fully vaccinated workforce is the right thing to do.

“Whether you live in one of our aged care homes or meet a financial adviser in one of our offices, you should be confident that the likelihood of acquiring COVID-19 in an Australian Unity workplace has been reduced because everybody who enters there has been vaccinated. And as a company that’s been contributing to the wellbeing of Australians for more than 180 years, our vaccination commitment is another way we can help the communities in which we live and work to emerge from the pandemic.”

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