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Home Care Package information

A Home Care Package can offer the extra support you may need to live independently as you get older.

What is a Home Care Package?

A Home Care Package is a form of Australian Government funding that provides support for older people who want to stay living at home.

There are four levels of support available and each level offers a different amount of funding (ranging approximately $8,000 to $50,000 per year). Some people can also access funding supplements (e.g. people with dementia, people who require enteral feeding, people living in rural and remote communities and people who require oxygen supplements).

If you’re over 65 (or 50 if you identify as having Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage) and think you need some extra support with daily tasks, you can apply for a Home Care Package via the My Aged Care website. Our friendly staff can also guide you through the process of applying for funding.

Eligibility is determined by a government body known as the Aged Care Assessment Team (in Victoria it is called the Aged Care Assessment Service). Once approved for a Home Care Package you’ll need to choose a support provider, like Australian Unity. They will then work with you to create an individual support plan that addresses your needs and goals.
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What types of home services can be funded?

A Home Care Package can fund a broad range of services to help you maintain your independence and stay living at home.

This includes support with your daily routine, such as showering and dressing, preparing meals, taking medication, doing the laundry, making the bed and cleaning.

Your package can also be used for assistance to get out into the community, whether that is to socialise or to do things like shopping or visiting the hairdresser.

Depending on your circumstances, your provider might also recommend services such as physiotherapy, podiatry, community nursing or even aids and equipment such as hands free speaker phones.

Ultimately, everyone’s support plan is different and depends on the level of Home Care Package funding they are eligible for. Speak with your service provider so they can understand your needs and goals and tailor a package just for you.

Recent changes to Home Care Packages

For many years, funding for Home Care Packages was assigned to service providers. People who were eligible for support had few options in the way services were delivered and who could provide them.

The Home Care Package reforms turn all of this around. Consumer Directed Care (CDC) gives clients more choice over their care plan and greater visibility over their funding and how it is spent.

Home Care Package funding is now ‘portable’, meaning that clients can choose their own Home Care Package provider and their funding will follow them should they ever switch providers or move to a new location. There is also now a national pool of funding, so that everyone eligible for support has equitable access to the Home Care Package program.

We'll make the process easy

If you or a loved one could use some extra support to stay living independently at home, our friendly staff can help you understand the options available to you.

We can explain the type of services available, different funding options and how to apply for the support that you need. We are here to support you to navigate the system, and can assist you with the referral process for a Home Care Package approval.

If you currently have a Home Care Package, we can also help explain the recent Australian Government reforms and what they mean for you.

Seamlessly coordinated support services

Australian Unity is an approved provider of Home Care Packages and can also provide support under a number of other Government programs, as well as privately.

We offer a broad range of services — everything from nursing and cleaning, through to physio and nutrition advice. Read about our full range of services here.

We have a large workforce of staff trained to deliver Home and Disability Services and will work closely with you to choose a support team that best suits your needs.

You’ll find our services to be great value for money. You’ll only ever pay for the services that you use and we don’t charge a compulsory basic care fee (meaning potentially no out of pocket payments) unless your support needs exceed your Home Care Package subsidy.

You're in good hands

Nothing is more important than the comfort, safety and security of our clients. Australian Unity staff take pride in delivering quality service which is second to none.

Our staff have current police checks, undertake regular training and adhere to various accreditation requirements and industry standards. We employ people from a range of backgrounds and with a variety of skills.

Six steps to apply for a Home Care Package

When you or a loved one get to an age where you find you could use some extra support it can be hard to know where to start. For many people, a Home Care Package can be the solution. The process of applying for a package can be broken down into six easy steps. 

Steps to apply

Have questions?

To find out more about Australian Unity's support services, funding and pricing or to access services prior to receiving your Home Care Package, contact us online or phone 1300 160 170.

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