Terms & Conditions: Member Get Member

Recommend a friend, and we'll reward you when they join!

  1. This offer is only available to current Australian Unity Health members who refer "New Health Members" to Australian Unity hospital cover, hospital and extras cover or combination cover (including Overseas Visitors Cover).
  2. A "New Health Member" is a person who has not held an active or suspended health insurance membership with Australian Unity Health Limited (“Australian Unity”) in the last 12 months (either in their own right or under a couple/family health insurance membership), except where the New Health Member was previously insured as a “Dependant" under the terms of a family health insurance membership with Australian Unity.
  3. New Health Members do not include new members who have taken out extras only cover.
  4. This offer is not available through intermediaries (eg Aggregators) and only applies to purchases by a New Health Member through the Australian Unity contact centre or website.
  5. Gift Cards will only be issued after the New Health Member has held hospital cover, hospital and extras cover or a combination cover or Overseas Visitors Cover for a minimum period of 6 paid weeks (First Eligible Date) and their membership is paid up to date. Allow 12 weeks after the First Eligible Date for delivery of the Gift Card.
  6. Existing members whose membership is suspended or in arrears are not eligible to refer a New Health Member.
  7. An existing member is only entitled to receive one $100 gift card per New Health Membership referred.
  8. The referring member’s details must be included on the New Health Member’s application form or quoted to the sales agent at the point of sale for the Gift Card to be issued.
  9. This offer is current as at 14 July 2023, and can be altered or withdrawn at any time. Australian Unity reserves the right to change the offer conditions at any time.
  10. Australian Unity reserves the right not to make this offer available in conjunction with any other promotional offer.
    • This offer is available in conjunction with the following offer - Members who join via a partnership relationship are eligible for the partnership discount and the Member Get Member offer.
  11. This offer is not available to Australian Unity staff members who refer another Australian Unity staff member.
  12. This offer is not available to an Australian Unity sales staff member in respect of any New Health Member applications processed by that Australian Unity sales staff member.
  13. All gift cards are Universal Gift Cards Visa gift cards, issued by Cuscal Ltd ABN 95 087 822 455 AFSL/ Australian Credit License 244116. Cuscal Ltd, preloaded with AU$100 in cash only (as applicable). All Gift Cards will be delivered by post. Gift Cards are subject to the terms and conditions published at https://myaccount.universalgiftcard.com.au/terms.aspx.
  14. Gift cards are valid for 12 months as printed on the front of the gift card. This promotion is part of a customer loyalty program. Expired gift cards will not be replaced. 
  15. Australian Unity will not be held responsible for any damaged or lost Gift Cards and no replacement will be provided. Australian Unity will replace a stolen gift card at its discretion in the event of fraud and / or misuse.