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SMS One Time Password

SMS One Time Password (OTP)

Australian Unity uses SMS OTP as an extra validation point for three actions you might want to take within internet banking:

  • Making a one off payment
  • Setting up a personal payee
  • Changing your personal details.

An SMS OTP is a randomly generated 6 digit code, valid for one session or transaction and delivered via text message to a registered Australian mobile phone number.

Australian Unity recommends customers register and use SMS OTP as an additional layer of security for internet banking payments. 

Note that ‘payments’ apply to: BPAY, Pay Anyone transfers, Osko payments, Customer to Customer payments, Batch payments and Pending Authorisations.

More information about SMS OTP

For more information about SMS OTP please refer to the ‘Accounts and Access Facilities Terms of Use’ document.

Daily transaction limits

A standard daily account limit of $1,250 applies. Up to this limit, SMS One Time Password (OTP) is optional. However if you require a non-standard daily account limit above $1,250 you will be required to register for SMS OTP by following the steps below. Once registered for SMS OTP, you can add new payees to your list of saved ‘Personal Payees’, removing the need for using SMS OTP next time you want to make a payment.

Registering for SMS OTP

Simply follow the steps listed below to register:

  • Log on to Internet Banking
  • Select ‘Features’ menu
  • Select ‘Security’ option
  • Click ‘Request’
  • Verify mobile phone number to be contacted
  • Select ‘I agree’ to Terms and Conditions
  • Check details. If correct, click 'OK'
  • Limits can be changed by calling 1300 790 740. Approval of this application will be at Australian Unity's discretion.

How does the SMS OTP process work?

The process of using SMS OTP is simple. The usual payment process is as follows:

  • Log onto Internet Banking
  • From the ‘Transact’ menu choose ‘External transfer’ or ‘BPAY Payment’
  • Enter ‘Pay from’ & ‘Pay to’ account details, PayID or biller code and the amount you would like to pay
  • A mobile phone graphic will appear on your screen
  • Select the button ‘Get SMS’
  • A 6 digit code will be sent instantly to your mobile phone
  • Key your code into the field on the Internet Banking screen
  • Press 'Continue' to process your request

Note: If you close your Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) window and/or open a new session or transaction you will need to request another code to complete your transaction.

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