Our Impact

Welcome to Our Impact 2023

Guided by our vision to become Australia’s most-trusted wellbeing company, Australian Unity is committed to measuring the impact of our products, services and operations through environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

As one of Australia’s original social enterprises with a history dating back to 1840, we seek to create social impact value as we tackle some of Australia’s biggest challenges—like helping people get better access to healthcare, creating infrastructure to cater for an aging population, supporting living in place, building financial resilience and minimising our environmental footprint.

The 'Our Impact 2023' report documents our impact on the community and the environment, with a particular focus on social impact—an area that's been close to our hearts since our very beginning.

Using our Community & Social Value Framework (developed in conjunction with social impact specialists, Social Ventures Australia), we’ve been able to value in terms of dollars the positive impact we’ve had across our key areas of impact—lifelong wellness, economic empowerment and strong communities.

Measuring our impact

Lifelong wellness

Economic empowerment

Strong communities