What is Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading?

This premium loading was introduced by the Australian Government in July 2000 to encourage people to take out private hospital insurance at a younger age and maintain it over time.

How does LHC loading work?

Once you turn 31, you’ve got until the following 1 July to buy private hospital cover and avoid paying the loading.

For every year you delay, you may have to pay an additional 2% (up to a maximum of 70%) on top of the cost of your private hospital cover. The good news is that the loading doesn’t last a lifetime. Once you have held private hospital cover for 10 continuous years, the loading will be removed.

For example, if your private hospital cover costs $1000 per year

Buy cover at age 31

0% LHC loading

Once you turn 31, you’ve got until the following 1 July to buy private hospital cover

$0 extra LHC loading a year

As long as you maintain your private hospital cover, you’ll avoid paying any LHC loading

$0 extra LHC loading over 10 years

Enjoy the benefits of private hospital cover without having to pay extra loading

Wait until you turn 50

Up to 40% LHC loading

For every year you delay, you may have to pay an extra 2% for your private hospital cover

About $400 extra LHC loading a year

The longer you delay, the more it can cost—up to a maximum of 70% loading

About $4000 over 10 years

You can get the same level of cover, it can just cost you more for the first 10 years

So it makes good sense to get your private hospital cover sorted out before any Lifetime Heath Cover loading kicks in!


Does everyone have to pay?

The LHC loading applies if you didn’t have private hospital cover

  • on 1 July 2000, OR
  • by 1 July following your 31st birthday, whichever is later

There are some exceptions, for example if you have recently migrated to Australia or were overseas on 1 July following your 31st birthday. You can call Australian Unity on 13 29 39 or refer to the Private Health website for information about all exclusions and special considerations that apply.

How does LHC loading affect couples and families?

If you and your partner have been without cover for different lengths of time, your LHC loading will be calculated by averaging out the two.

For example, if you’re paying a 4% loading, and your partner has a 10% loading, that will be averaged out to 7% on a couple or family policy.

What happens when you switch to a new health fund?

The old fund will provide your new health fund with a transfer certificate. This certificate has information about your previous cover including your LHC loading plus details about any waiting periods you’ve already completed, so that these can be applied to your new cover.

That means that your LHC loading moves with you.

Switch to Australian Unity


Can you get time off (for good behaviour)?

Gaps in hospital cover

To cover small gaps in private hospital cover, such as switching from one fund to another, you are able to be without private hospital cover for up to 1094 days (one day less than three years) during your lifetime, without affecting your loading.

Suspending your private hospital cover

If your health fund agrees to suspend your private hospital cover for a short period (for example, while you go on an overseas vacation), your LHC loading is not affected and the suspension period isn’t counted towards your 1094 days of absence.

Going overseas for 1 year or more

If you’re moving overseas for a continuous period of 1 year or more, you can cancel your private hospital cover without affecting your LHC loading. You can even come back to visit Australia for a period of less than 90 days without it affecting your loading.