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“Getting into a habit of checking out offers from Wellplan Rewards before making any purchase big or small—can save a significant amount of money over time.”—William Chan, Australian Unity

Key points

  • Wellplan Rewards is a program that offers eligible Australian Unity health insurance members exclusive benefits and discounts across a vast array of categories—from everyday groceries to travel, restaurants and retail.
  • In 2023, Australian Unity members saved a total of $339,000 through Wellplan Rewards, averaging savings of $18.81 per transaction.
  • Wellplan Rewards is designed to improve your Real Wellbeing, with benefits and discounts that support your health, finances and relationships.

With cost-of-living increases, inflation and interest rate hikes taking a toll on our bank accounts and peace of mind, many Australians are feeling at least some financial strain—and that’s something that has a noticeable impact on our wellbeing.

In moments like these, finding ways to offset rising costs becomes extra important. So if you’re not already using Australian Unity’s Wellplan Rewards® program to help you save, now is a very good time to start.

After all, Wellplan Rewards offers eligible Australian Unity health insurance members exclusive benefits and discounts across a vast array of eGift card categories—from everyday groceries to special treats, like travel and dinners out. A further bonus? You don’t need to do anything to access Wellplan Rewards—after you’ve been with Australian Unity for 30 days the program is available 24/7.

Even small savings here and there really add up, so you can get more from your health insurance, your budget and your wellbeing.

Savings that matter: a recap of 2023

In 2023, Australian Unity members collectively saved an impressive $339,997 through Wellplan Rewards. A closer look at the data reveals that 4,171 savvy shoppers made 19,283 transactions, achieving an average saving of $17.63 each time.

These numbers underscore the very real impact that the Wellplan Rewards has on the hip pockets of our members.

“Wellplan Rewards is a great way to save on everyday purchases and some of life’s bigger items,” says William Chan from Australian Unity. “And while other rewards programs charge a 1 percent payment processing fee, we’ve removed this to help our members save even more.”

So where did members save the most? In 2023, major supermarkets such as Woolworths and Coles took the lead in Wellplan Rewards savings, collectively delivering $125,253 back to our members.

Savvy shoppers also made the most of deals at JB Hi-Fi and Apple, where they saved $40,696 and $13,368, respectively.

Other popular categories for scoring sweet deals were travel, accommodation, and entertainment. Discounted cinema tickets were a particular favourite among members seeking cut-price experiences.

Wellplan Rewards also includes more than 300 popular restaurants, making dining out an affordable and enjoyable experience. And retail therapy is within reach, with savings at renowned stores like Country Road, rebel, Kmart, IKEA, Target, JB Hi-Fi, and many more.

“Shrewd shoppers will stack offers by making the most of increased discounts on gift cards,” William points out. “They’ll purchase during sales periods and use ‘cash back’ programs such as ShopBack and Cashrewards. This can really help to maximise savings and take the pressure off family budgets.”

Budget-friendly ways to build your wellbeing

We’re committed to Real Wellbeing, and so we’ve designed the Wellplan Rewards program with your wellbeing in mind.

If physical activity is important to you, for example, you can save dollars on new activewear to put an extra spring in your step, reinvigorate your exercise routine and boost your physical and mental health. Or if you destress through travel, take advantage of flight and accommodation discounts to enjoy the wellbeing benefits a change of scene provides.

Use discounted theme park tickets, dinners out or nights at the cinema to spend quality time with your loved ones, leading to deeper connections and bonding over shared experiences.

Many of our members also use Wellplan Rewards to take some of the sting out of their grocery bill. It’s these everyday savings that can help you stretch your budget a little further—and, in turn, support your financial wellbeing. Others use the program to buy themselves that little something extra. “Many members use Wellplan Rewards to treat themselves, whether it’s a luxurious spa day or that must-have fashion item,” adds William.

They’re small changes that can have a big impact on your budget and your Real Wellbeing. It’s just about finding the right discounts and benefits for you.

Get the benefits of Wellplan Rewards

At the end of the day, Wellplan Rewards is here to give back to our members. Whether it’s offering savings on everyday needs, or helping you get closer to the things you want, Wellplan Rewards is a great way to help you get the most from your health insurance.

“Getting into a habit of checking out offers from Wellplan Rewards before making any purchase—big or small—can save a significant amount of money over time. It’s free and available anytime, anywhere through Online Member Services says William.

Want to learn more? Visit Wellplan Rewards online or call 1300 670 228 to become an Australian Unity health insurance member.


Information provided in this article is of a general nature. Australian Unity accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of any of the opinions, advice, representations or information contained in this publication. Readers should rely on their own advice and enquiries in making decisions affecting their own health, wellbeing or interest.