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“It’s not until after an incident that you realise that it’s worth your time (and money) to place valuable items out of sight.”

Whether you rent or own your home, you want the best possible cover for you and your family.

Hot risk items such as laptops, mobile devices, gaming consoles and watches are not just valuable, they are portable. It's important to check that you have the correct cover for your needs, including any cover you may need away from the home, and more importantly its best to ensure you keep your items secured.

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Keep your home safe and secure

If you plan to be away for an extended period, depending on how many days you are away you may need to notify your insurer to understand what this may mean for how you would be covered during this time. Please feel free to call Australian Unity to discuss coverage as part of your travel plans.

Keep it out of sight

Simple advice, right? The trouble is that we’re creatures of habit and it seems overkill to stash our devices, jewellery, or cash away all of the time. It’s not until after an incident that you realise that it’s worth your time (and money) to place valuable items out of sight.

Smile, you’re on camera

Ideally, it’s best to prevent incidents from happening in the first place. For those times where we can’t, a security system can help. Installing door and window sensors, motion sensors, and even video surveillance can make a big difference and give police crucial evidence that might lead them to the offender.

Let’s talk about insurance

Home and Contents insurance through Australian Unity include a range of features and benefits designed to suit customers with different needs. Whether you are looking for cover for specific insured events, or accidental loss or damage cover, we may be able to help. If you’re ready to talk about Home and Contents insurance, please get in touch with Australian Unity on 1300 130 935 or find out more about General Insurance here.

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