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Platinum Investment Bond ™

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How does the Platinum Investment Bond work?

When you deposit your money into the Platinum Investment Bond, we invest it in the investment option(s) you’ve selected. These are outlined below.

You can invest as much as you like in the first year, then maximise your investment using the 125% rule thereafter.

Along the way we pay tax to the ATO on your investment earnings at 30% company tax rate within the Bond, so you don’t have to include it in your personal tax return whilst you’re invested.

Subject to the 125% rule, if you keep the Bond for 10 years, after 10 years you can withdraw with no additional personal income tax to pay.

This makes the Platinum Investment Bond a potentially effective way to save for your future.

How is my money invested?

With the Platinum Investment Bond there are two investment options to choose from. The value of your Bond will rise or fall with the performance of the underlying investment option/s you’ve chosen, and your earnings will be reinvested to potentially benefit from compounding returns. You can choose between the two investment options or switch at any time (without incurring personal income tax or CGT).

For further information on Platinum’s Investment Strategy, see below.

For more information on investment bonds visit MoneySmart.

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