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Platinum Investment Bond ™

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What is the Platinum Investment Bond?

The Platinum Investment Bond (Bond) is an investment vehicle that offers potential tax advantages not available through many other savings and investment products.

The Bond is about establishing a long-term plan for investing. With regular contributions, the potential benefit of compounding can create powerful opportunities for your future, in a tax effective way.

The Bond is a collaboration between Platinum Investment Management Limited, trading as Platinum Asset Management (Platinum), the manager responsible for the investments of the Bond, and Australian Unity, who is responsible for the administration and client servicing of the Bond.

The Bond provides access to two investment options, the Platinum International Fund established in 1995 and/or the Platinum Asia Fund established in 2003. For further information on these investment options, refer to 'How it works'.


Tax effective

You can access your money at any time, or maximise your tax effectiveness by withdrawing after 10 years, with no additional personal tax to pay, subject to the 125% rule.

Regular investment plan

Set up a regular direct debit with as little as $50.

Choice of investment options

Two investment options to suit your requirements.

Low minimum investment

Start with $1,000 or more.


With access to your policy in the online portal you can update details, switch and more.

No limit in the first year

You can contribute as much as you like in the first year, then maximise your savings using the 125% rule thereafter.

The power of 10 years

By just getting started and investing often, a little can go a long way.

With the Bond you can start with $1,000 or more and contribute as little as $50 per investment option through a regular investment plan.

A regular investment plan will not only help grow your investment, you may also benefit from the compounding effect of your returns being reinvested.

After 10 years, you can withdraw your money and any investment earnings are not required to be declared on your personal tax return, or you can continue to invest. The choice is yours.

If you need your money sooner you can access it at any time within the first 10 years and claim a 30% tax offset for tax already paid within the Bond, to reduce your personal income tax.

Download the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

The PDS explains all of the essential things that you should know about the Bond before you decide to invest.

Download PDS

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Case studies


Wants to start her own business within 10 years

Wants to start her own business within 10 years

Sandra has been working for multinationals for years. She's set her heart on working for herself within the next 10 years. Sandra makes an investment in the Platinum Bond Investment and tops up her investment each year.

At the 10 year mark, Sandra can now look to start her own business. And because she invested for 10 years, she is able to withdraw as a lump sum or a regular income stream, with no personal income tax to pay.

Louise & Evan

Providing their daughter an amazing life experience – 16 years invested

Providing for their daughter Lucy

Louise and Evan want to save for three year old daughter Lucy's future. They both value the life experiences gained by backpacking across Europe when they were younger and want to give the same opportunity to Lucy. They make an initial investment in the Platinum Investment Bond and setup a regular investment plan.

By the time Lucy is 19 and ready to travel, Louise and Evan's Platinum Investment Bond has helped her on her way. And, because they invested for over 10 years, Lucy can withdraw her money as a lump sum or regular income stream, with no personal income tax to pay.


Inherits money and invests for his grandson’s future – 20 years invested

Inherits money and invests for his grandson's future

David recently inherited a sum of money from his mother. He values having his own 'bricks and mortar' home and understands that it could be tough for his grandson Michael to own his first home.

Having invested in the Platinum Investment Bond, at age 25 when Michael is ready to set out on his own, David can provide the assistance he promised. And, because he invested for over 10 years, Michael can withdraw his money as a lump sum or a regular income stream with no personal income tax to pay.


Wants to retire prior to her superannuation preservation age

Wants to retire prior to her superannuation preservation age

Christine is 45 and recently sold her investment property. She is now looking ahead and wants to save her money in a way that is tax effective and gives her flexibility.

She has no mortgage and would like to transition from full time to part time employment in 10 years. Christine opens a Platinum Investment Bond from the proceeds of her property sale.

A decade passes, Christine turns 55 and decides to work part time. She uses her Bond to regularly withdraw an amount to help with living expenses. As her policy has been held for 10 years, she does not have to pay any tax on her Bond withdrawals.

In addition, when she reaches her superannuation preservation age of 60, she will have received income from the Bond over the past five years, as well as having her lump sum available to either have invested or withdraw with no additional tax to pay.

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