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Luke Benedictus

“Has becoming a dad made me happier?”

For Luke Benedictus, father to two boys aged three and four, and co-founder of The Father Hood website, that’s a surprisingly tricky question to answer.

While Luke feels very lucky to be a dad and husband, he found fatherhood turned the dial of life up to 11—for good and bad.

“Sometimes I’ll get these amazing moments of heartwarming connection with my kids. But there’s loads of frustration and drudgery involved in the gig too. Tantrums, toilet-training, hospital trips to remove baked beans inserted up child-sized nostrils...”

What he has found in becoming a dad, however, is a broadened sense of self.

“I no longer define myself purely by my career, which is probably healthy.”

Having a family has also strengthened Luke’s sense of purpose.

“As someone who’s perhaps been a bit rudderless at times, fatherhood has turned me into—if not exactly a man with a mission—then certainly a man with a very long to-do list.”

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