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Kevin Young

“Wellbeing is a combination of a number of key elements that measure how I’m tracking in life and how happy I am,” says Kevin.

Back in his 20s, Kevin recalls, the prime factors in this equation were his love life, social life, family, health and living situation.

But now in his late 40s, Kevin admits his outlook has become less focused on his individual needs.

“The wellbeing of my closest friends, my kids and my wife directly affects my wellbeing.”

Kevin now puts a much higher premium on his relationships. He’s committed to being a source of support for his nearest and dearest.

“There’s nothing more empowering or satisfying than when your child or wife is willing to come to you, talk to you, and open up to you or want to spend time with you,” he says.

Conversely, Kevin is comforted to know that he can also rely on the support of his family and friends.

When he first became a dad, for example, the massive life adjustment coupled with sleep deprivation and a tough patch at work resulted in some “really dark times”.

What made all the difference, however, was his friends and family, who immediately rallied around him.

“During those down times, your really good relationships just shine out,” he says.

“They know you need the support and it comes without you even really asking for it.”

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