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What happens when I die? Season 2, Episode 5

In this moving and insightful episode Anna Hacker talks to end of life doula Helen Callanan.

What are the services provided by an end of life doula?

According to Helen’s website—Preparing the Way—a doula fulfils a non-medical role that provides practical, emotional and spiritual support, helping to demystify death and dying for those nearing their end of life and those close to them. 

Anna talks to Helen about dying at home, the support required to help someone fulfil a wish of dying at home (research says it takes an average of 16 people) and just how mammoth and significant the role of caring for someone dying is.

This is a big episode with lots of practical advice and insights.  

Guest: Helen Callanan, Managing Director, Founder and Lead Educator of Preparing the Way

Host: Anna Hacker, Principal, Australian Unity Trustees Legal Services


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