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What happens when I die? Season 2, Episode 4

Our latest episode takes a slightly different path and looks at what happens when someone loses capacity. 

In this episode, host Anna Hacker talks to her colleagues at Australian Unity, Estate Planning Lawyer Kim Nguyen, and Greg Williams, Head of Client Management, about the importance of planning ahead so our choices will be known and acted upon if we can’t express them later in life.

As Greg says it's all about making the most informed choices now, so we can control the future should things not go according to plan.

“We all think that we have some time and unfortunately accidents happen without planning, and then it’s too late. So, put your estate planning in place sooner rather than later.”

Two key takeaways from this episode:

  1. Remember that estate planning isn’t just about a Will.  It is also about making sure you have enduring powers of attorney in place so that if you lose capacity in this lifetime you are covered. 
  2. Get the right people into the right roles—conversations about appointing a power of attorney can be really difficult—not everyone will want to take on this role. 


  • Kim Nguyen, Estate Planning Lawyer, Australian Unity Trustees Legal Services
  • Greg Williams, Head of Client Management, Australian Unity Trustees Legal Services

Host: Anna Hacker, Principal, Australian Unity Trustees Legal Services

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