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What is loneliness?

Loneliness affects many Australians. It can contribute to health concerns including depression and anxiety, as well as physical health issues such as heart disease and stroke. There are, however, simple steps we can all take to combat loneliness in our communities.
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Did you know?

Often lonely

More than a quarter (27%) of Australians feel lonely three times a week

Over 65s

Are the least likely to experience loneliness

Increased risk

Loneliness increases the chances of a person becoming depressed and anxious by 15%

What can you do to help someone who is lonely

Loneliness affects all sorts of people but there are easy ways that you can make a big difference. Find out how small gestures can go a long way towards improving someone’s day.
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What can you do if you are feeling lonely

A change in life circumstance, such as the death of a loved one, divorce or moving interstate, can contribute to feelings of loneliness. Here are some tips for recognising signs of loneliness and ideas for reconnecting with your community.
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Helping Australians who feel lonely

These are some of the institutions that have resources available to Australians who are feeling lonely or socially isolated.