A great new range of health and lifestyle solutions

Create the perfect cover for you

Why pay for things you’re unlikely to use? Our new hospital and extras range lets you build the cover that’s just right for you. While our new Exclusive Lifestyle Packages give you money back on everyday services that can help you look and feel good, and stay fit and healthy.

What sets Australian Unity apart?

  • New hospital covers and a great range of extras
    Our exciting new hospital and extras cover options make finding the perfect health insurance easier than ever. Pick the types of services you know you’ll use so you can get more money back on just the things you need.
  • Exciting new Exclusive Lifestyle Packages*.
    Our revolutionary Lifestyle Packages are unique and designed to encourage you to stay fit, healthy and confident. You can get money back on all sorts of things including personal training, sports equipment, hair removal and laser eye surgery.
  • No hospital excess for kids, hooray!
    Don’t pay an excess when your kids visit a hospital. Plus your kids can stay covered up until they turn 23 years old, at no extra cost.
  • Dental treatments that don’t hurt your pocket
    With dental cover you won’t pay for many common preventative dental treatments such as check-ups, scale and cleans or fluoride treatments at our No-Gap Dental Network^.


* Lifestyle Packages are not health insurance covers. The Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance does not apply to Lifestyle Packages.

^Not available on Starter 60% without Smile and Care ‘n Repair.