Get help with your medical-related travel expenses

When you’re unwell, the last thing you want to think about is the financial cost of getting better. But for those unable to access the right medical assistance locally, expense is often a reality. 

Driving to and from appointments with a specialist or even arranging overnight accommodation can create a substantial dent in your savings.

It is for this reason that Australian Unity allows eligible members to claim some travel and accommodation costs in situations deemed medically necessary.


When are you covered for travel and accommodation benefits?

Under certain extras covers (see drop-down details below), members can claim medical-related travel expenses as long as they provide a letter of referral or other proof that their travel was required for treatment not available locally.


The benefit is payable for both the member and a carer – even if the carer is not listed on the membership – under the yearly limits of the member who has sought treatment and who is making the claim. 

When are you NOT covered for travel and accommodation benefits?

You cannot make a claim for travel expenses when:

  • no referral is provided;
  • treatment is available locally;
  • receipts (for petrol, travel, accommodation, etc) are not provided;
  • the total return distance of the travel is less than 200 kilometres.



How can you make a claim?

Submitting your claim is simple and can be done in many ways – via our website, iPhone/iPad app, over the phone or by mail. You can find instructions for all your claiming options here. Once you’ve made your claim, all you need to do is send us all your relevant receipts, which should include the name of the patient and/or carer (if applicable), by mail.

Right Cover Check

If you have any concerns about your level of travel and accommodation cover, call us on 13 29 39 and ask for a ‘Right Cover Check’. We may be able to suggest an alternative health cover that will provide a level of travel and accommodation coverage better suited to your needs.