Being a member of Australian Unity means more than just being a member of a mutual company.  It means being part of a larger narrative, one that is about carrying forward the resources created by past generations for the benefit of the current, and to allow the current generation to leave a legacy for the future.

Our members come from all walks of life, and include prime ministers, Olympians, homemakers, social pioneers and everyday Australians.

What does membership mean?

Mutual companies differ from other organisations. They are formed by members for the benefit of members. Unlike a company with shareholders, mutual companies do not pay dividends, but reinvest profits back into the business of the company.

Membership in a mutual organisation entitles you to have a say in how the company is run. Members have the right to attend general meetings, propose business and vote on resolutions.

Being a company guardian

Australian Unity imagines a nation where all Australians live with the greatest possible personal and community wellbeing – a bold and aspirational statement, but one which is consistent with our heritage in advocating for social change.

Just like we today benefit from the policies implemented by our forebears, we have a responsibility to ensure we leave the best possible legacy for future Australians to enjoy. Australian Unity believes our members are not only contributors to our financial success, they are guardians of the value we all create today toward the building of a better and brighter future.