Australian Unity is a company founded on social values and community contribution. From our earliest beginnings as an advocate of public health policies that improve the quality of life for Australians, to the introduction of a survey to monitor the nation’s wellbeing and the recent formation of a charitable foundation, connection to community has underpinned much of who we are.

Today, our aim in the community is to improve the wellbeing of Australians in the areas of health, ageing and financial security, and to support and celebrate Australian achievements, heritage and culture.

In 2013, Australian Unity contributed more than $1.14 million into community organisations as measured by the London Benchmarking Group, an internationally recognised community investment model which measures activity, outcomes and community impact.

This contribution was made to more than 48 state and national community organisations through a combination of sponsorships, grants, in-kind support and time volunteered by staff members.

Strong community partnerships

Major initiatives that have come from Australian Unity’s strong community partnerships include:

  • The Australian Unity Wellbeing Index, which goes beyond economic indicators to capture the mood and satisfaction of the nation. The Index provides valuable insights for policymakers.
  • A learn to swim campaign with Swim Australia and Australian Unity’s Learn to Swim Ambassador Michael Klim, that encouraged families to ensure their children had the swimming skills to be confident around water.
  • Supporting research into key health and ageing issues through the Australian Unity Heritage Fellowship Grant.
  • A major celebration of Australian history and the arts through the Australian Unity Bryan Kelleher Literary Award. The bush poetry award is named in honour of Australian Natives’ Association member Bryan Kelleher and celebrates original bush poetry.