How paying excess on your health cover can save you money.

Paying excess can ultimately help keep the cost of your private health insurance down. Excess is an amount you agree to pay to cover accommodation costs if you are ever admitted to hospital. 

The more excess you agree to contribute up front (as part of your cover) the lower your health cover payments will be.

It’s important to note that you will only ever pay an excess if you go to hospital. This means you’re not paying for something you might not use. 

How is excess applied by Australian Unity?

Unlike some health funds, if you have singles cover with Australian Unity the excess only applies on your first admission to hospital in a calendar year and only up to twice a year for those who have couples or family cover.

Are there any times I might not have to pay an excess?

Some covers have excess waivers for particular admissions e.g. day surgeries or Accidents. To find out whether you have an excess or how much your excess is, then please call us on 1300 295 800 or refer to your factsheet for more information.