When it comes to your health cover, cheap can be expensive

There are lots of companies out there offering cheaper health cover. 

And on the surface paying less certainly appears attractive, especially if you find a health cover that seems to meet your needs. But when offered a cheaper option, always check what’s been excluded to make it cheaper, and what you’ll be giving up. 

After all, the last thing you want is a bill for thousands of dollars for a hospital treatment or procedure that your new and cheaper option doesn’t cover you for. 

How to save and get the hospital cover you want 

First, consider the types of treatments and procedures you really want to be covered for, and if there are any limitations to when or how you can receive them. 

Also, consider if there are any additional costs involved, if you’ll only be covered for emergencies or if you’re only covered for treatment in a public rather than a private hospital.

And ask yourself what you don’t want to pay for or what you’re willing to give up. 

For example, if you’re young and healthy and feel your risk of needing a hip replacement or eye surgery is low, look for a cover that offers basic levels for these treatments or doesn’t offer them at all.  

You can also adjust your excess amount, which will lower how much you’ll pay for your cover. But remember, you will have to pay the excess if you need to go to hospital.  

It’s also an idea to consider excluding covers with obstetrics (pregnancy and birth related) services if you’re not looking to have children, for example our Non-Obstetrics Cover. 

How to get the extras cover you want and save 

In many ways the same can be said for your extras cover. 

By going purely for the cheapest option, you may find that when you make a claim you may not be covered or the amount you get back doesn’t meet your expectations. 

The best way to choose your extras cover is to ask how often you want to use it, and how much you want to get back from it. 
For example if you wear glasses, play contact sports and visit the dentist regularly you’ll probably make quite a few claims, and therefore want quite a high level of extras cover. 

On the other hand, if you only visit the dentist and just can’t see why you’d need the services of a physio, chiro or remedial massage therapist ― then consider an extras cover that offers a limited level of cover or doesn’t offer them at all.

Get a free review of your health cover

We recommend you review your cover at least every year. This way you can feel confident your cover meets your existing needs and you’re across the latest options available. To have your covered reviewed, call us on 13 29 39 and ask for a ‘Right Cover Check’.

Ways to reduce the price you pay
  • If eligible, make sure you’re receiving as much of the Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance as possible. This can lower the price of your cover by up to 30%.
  • Include or increase your hospital excess. The higher your excess the less you pay for your cover.
  • Receive a 4% discount by paying by direct debit.

Image courtesy of piyato/FreeDigitalPhotos.net