The benefits of being part of a mutual organisation

Australian Unity Limited is a mutual organisation with a proud 173-year history. As a mutual organisation, we put our members first. This means rather than paying shareholders dividends; we reinvest our profits back into health and wellbeing programs that benefit all current and future members.

We’ve lead the way when it comes to focussing on our members long term health

Thanks to a focus on the long-term interests of our members – both financial and health-related – we have been able to pioneer the use of a number of health and wellbeing programs throughout the health insurance sector.

Our health and wellbeing programs give our members a better understanding of their health and can help them to live longer and healthier lives. 

Some of our health and wellbeing programs include:

Diabetes Action Program.

Healthy Heart Program.

Bone Health Program.

Hospital Care at Home


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And we won’t stop there. Our ambition is to become Australia’s leading health and wellbeing company. We’re committed to developing more programs and promoting better health, ageing and financial security so we can enhance the health and wellbeing of all our current and future members. 

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