Overseas Visitors Cover Forms

  • Overseas Visitors Application Form

    Complete a Overseas Visitors Health Cover Application form to begin your Health Insurance cover with Australian Unity. This application form must be read in conjunction with your fact sheet, which includes details of waiting periods, exclusions, restrictions, excesses and co-payments.

    Download PDF 213kb

  • Overseas Visitors Membership Guide

    This guide will help you understand your cover along with important information including how to activate your health insurance and how to make claims.

    Download PDF 919kb

  • Working Visa Cover

    If you’re applying for a working visa with the Australian government, it will be important for you to fulfil the requirement for health insurance. Australian Unity’s Working Visa Cover adheres to the requirement for the following Visa types: 457, 401, 402, 403, 416, 420, 485.

    Download PDF 339kb

  • Budget Overseas Visitors Cover

    A basic health cover for young and healthy travellers who don’t want to pay insurance for things they may not need and have no specific health insurance visa requirements.

    Download PDF 389kb

  • Standard Overseas Visitors Cover

    This health cover is right for most visitors who want an all round cover for themselves and their family in case of an accident or an unexpected illness. This cover meets most visa health insurance requirements and includes emergency repatriation.

    Download PDF 389kb

  • Premium Overseas Visitors Cover

    If you're planning on staying in Australia for a long visit and want extensive hospital and medical cover plus additional benefits for services such as optical, general dental, Chinese Medicine, acupunture and pharmacy, then Premium Cover offers all this and more. It is suitable for most Visa types excluding 457 Visas.

    Download PDF 389kb

  • Basic Overseas Visitors Cover

    A basic health cover for short-term visitors who are young and healthy and only need the basics.

    Download PDF 271kb

  • Mid Overseas Visitors Cover

    A mid-level cover ideal for medium to long term visotrs who want to access a broad range of services.

    Download PDF 271kb

  • Top Overseas Visitors Cover

    A top level cover perfect forr visitors who want complete peace of mind with our highest level cover.

    Download PDF 271kb

  • Overseas Visitors Claim Form

    Complete this form if you need to make a Overseas Visitors Health insurance claim and return it with supporting documentation to: Australian Unity Claims Department, Reply Paid 9945, Melbourne VIC 8060.

    Download PDF 502kb