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No Gap Dentists

Under the No Gap Dental Service, Australian Unity members with dental cover are offered the following preventive dental services at no out-of-pocket cost*: Initial examination, scale and clean, X-ray and topical fluoride treatment. All future periodic examinations and associated X-rays. Custom mouthguards - protecting your teeth during contact sports is vital and you can even have one made in your team's colours!

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Australian Unity Dental Centres

Our Dental Centres utilise the most up to date technology in dental care, allowing us to provide the highest standards of service, understanding and convenience for all our patients; members and non-members alike.

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Agreement Hospitals

Most private hospitals and day facilities have an agreement with Australian Unity which guarantees that you'll be covered for 100% of accommodation and most other services like theatre fees (not including your excess).

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Gap Cover Doctors

Australian Unity's Gap Cover* can reduce or remove your out-of-pocket expenses. We set our own schedule of fees, which is generally higher than the Government schedule. This means that when your doctor or specialist agrees to use Australian Unity's Gap Cover Scheme, we can help to pay some of the gap or the entire gap that can occur if your doctor's charge is higher than the Medicare Benefits Schedule Fee.

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Claim on the spot with HICAPS

Most dentists, chiropractors, optometrists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, occupational therapists and psychologists offer the HICAPS claims facility. You can swipe your Australian Unity membership card to claim on the spot.

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EyeCare Advantage

EyeCare Advantage provides a wide range of optical services and products and offers significant discounts for Australian Unity members.

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