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“I was about as low as you could go at that point.” – Ralph Guice

For Ralph Guice, the spark that ignited his very being had gone out. 

Following a family tragedy, Ralph says, “I was about as low as you could go at that point.” 

Ralph wasn’t enjoying his art, he wasn’t enjoying working on his car, and he wasn’t enjoying being around other people. 

Discover Ralph’s journey and how he found the help and support he needed:

Men and mental health 

Men’s mental health in Australia is an issue that has progressively received greater attention in recent years – and for good reason. 

According to beyond blue, men comprise an average of six out of every eight suicides each day in Australia, making them three times more likely to die by suicide than women.  

On average, one in eight men will experience depression and 20 per cent of men will experience some level of anxiety in their lives. 

It’s critical then, that men are both aware of the resources available to them, and that they are given the tools to help deal with mental health issues.

New methods of support

New methods, including phone, online and other digital services, have proved to be successful in providing effective mental health care. 

These alternatives provide a different option for men who may feel uncomfortable with the more traditional face-to-face services.

By using a more goal and solution-based style, male mental health services are changing how the messages around support are received.

Speaking about getting support as a way of gaining control and getting life back on track can also help people tackle mental health issues differently. 

By having those conversations in a familiar place or environment, men are more likely to feel comfortable and be more openly receptive to getting the help and support they need. 

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