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  1. Investor Needs

Investor Needs

Investing to kick your own financial goals

Every investor has different goals – the key to achieving them is finding the right balance. At Australian Unity, we know the value of a diverse, well-constructed investment portfolio.

Investments for every life stage

Whether you are seeking to invest with a bias for income, growth, value, tax-advantage, capital cautious or defense (or a combination of all or any of these), Australian Unity can help your investments thrive.

Risk on / Risk off?

Nobody is immune to risk. But all of our specialist managers have careful, prudent approaches to risk management and capital protection in place. Some are active in Australian and global equity markets; others focus on fixed interest and beating the cash benchmark. What’s common to all is a strict investment strategy that is ‘true-to-label’, transparent and focused on simple objectives that deliver on specific investor needs.

A track record of success

Our investment specialists have a breadth of experience and expertise. Simply put, we don’t believe in following the crowd. We believe that value for our investors is ultimately generated by hard work and earned insight.

Dad and his daughter

Strengthened by Unity

Through our investment specialists, we offer expertise in Australian and microcap equities, and fixed interest investments. Australian Unity provides our investment specialists with long-term business support, rigorous institutional oversight and financial stability.
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