Investment Options and underlying fund PDSs 

The Lifeplan Education Bond provides access to 15 investment options managed by professional Australian and international investment managers.

Each investment option available through the Lifeplan Education Bond Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) invests into a portfolio(s) managed by appointed investment managers. The Lifeplan Education Bond PDS and Additional Information Document should be read in full before making a decision to invest.

The table below provides you access to the latest PDSs for each of the 15 investment options. 

Investment option Underlying Portfolio
AMP Capital Balanced Growth
AMP Capital Conservative
Colonial First State FirstChoice Conservative
Colonial First State FirstChoice Growth
Colonial First State FirstChoice Moderate
MLC Horizon 2 – Income Portfolio
MLC Horizon 4 – Balanced
MLC Horizon 6 – Share
Pendal Active Balanced Fund
Pendal Active Conservative Fund
Pendal Active Growth Fund
Perpetual Balanced Growth
Perpetual Conservative Growth
Perpetual Industrial Share
UBS Cash