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  2. We’ve United: Big Sky Building Society and Australian Unity

We’ve United: Big Sky Building Society and Australian Unity


In 2012 Big Sky Building Society became a part of the Australian Unity family. With our shared commitment to community and delivering award-winning products and services for our customers, it’s only natural that we have decided to become known as one. From 24 October 2018, Big Sky Building Society Limited will be renamed Australian Unity Bank Limited, which means we’re still the same legal entity, use the same ABN and continue to be wholly owned by Australian Unity Limited.


  • Why is Big Sky changing its name?

    The decision to rename Big Sky Building Society to Australian Unity Bank Limited was made to provide members with a more consistent banking experience. We wanted a unified brand that clearly represents the wide range of member centric products and services we offer.

  • Will I be able to use my existing Big Sky credit or debit cards from 24 October?

    Any credit cards or debit cards you have will continue to operate like normal. Once they expire you’ll receive new Australian Unity branded cards and your current PIN(s) will remain the same.

  • Will any of my automatic payments or regular direct debits change as a result of the rename?

    Good news, they will continue to work as they do today. Any BSB, account number, credit card number or debit card number you have will not change. This means credits and debits to/from your account will not change or be disrupted.

  • How will my statements be affected?

    Your statements will be Australian Unity branded from 24 October onwards. However the content, layout and delivery method (paper or online) will remain the same.

  • How will this impact my access to internet banking from 24 October?

    From 24 October you will no longer be able to access Big Sky internet banking. If you visit the Big Sky website you will be redirected to the Australian Unity banking website ( for all your internet banking needs. Your login details will remain the same.

  • Will the Mobile Banking App be impacted by the rename?

    From 24 October you will no longer be able to use the Big Sky Mobile App and will need to download the Australian Unity Mobile App. Your login details and PIN code will remain the same. However now you will also be able to see your account number displayed on your account summary page.

  • What impact will the rediATM changes have on me?

    ​The use of rediATMs will no longer be free of charge or included in your transaction fee rebate as of 24 October. If you use a rediATM, you will incur a direct fee from the machine provider. Before you proceed with the transaction you’ll be notified of how much that fee will be, and given an opportunity to cancel your transaction should you not wish to pay the charge. You will be able to continue to withdraw free of charge from any Commonwealth Bank, ANZ and Westpac ATM right across Australia. 

  • Can I still use my cheque books?

    You can continue to use your current Big Sky cheque books to make payments. If you request a replacement after 24 October 2018, you will be reissued a new Australian Unity branded cheque book.

  • Can I still post and deposit cheques?

    You can post cheques to us at GPO Box 1801, MELBOURNE, VIC 3001 with instructions for the depositing account. Cheques will take 3 – 5 business days to clear. Please note that 3rd party cheques may only be negotiated at our discretion.

    You can also deposit cheques using your Visa Debit or Credit Cards at an Australia Post outlet. You need to know the PIN associated with the card.  The name on the cheque must match the name of the card, joint payees on cheques cannot be deposited at Australia Post. Australia Post imposes a 7 business day clearance time on cheques.

  • Have our T&Cs changed as a result of the name change?

    As a result of this name change we have updated our terms and conditions documents which will come into effect on 24 October 2018. These documents can be found on our website at