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Your first estate plan

08 Nov 2018 - Why online estate planning portals may be a great option for millennials

Circle of Support: Anna Hacker Interview

08 Nov 2018 -

Statutory Wills

08 Nov 2018 - How rising dementia rates are impacting estate planning

Digital footprints

08 Nov 2018 - What they are and why you should consider them in your estate plan

How incorporating discretionary testamentary trusts can work for you

08 Nov 2018 - A discretionary testamentary trust (DTT) is a trust incorporated into a Will for the benefit of a beneficiary or multiple beneficiaries

Cryptocurrency and estates

08 Nov 2018 - Navigating the anonymous world of cyrptocurrency in your estate plan

Your philanthropic legacy

08 Nov 2018 - Feel good about doing good with structured charitable giving

Different needs for different life stages

29 May 2017 - Estate planning is not just the preserve of the elderly or the sick. Every Australian, regardless of their age or health, should consider an estate plan.

Access appropriate tools for simple planning

07 Dec 2016 - While estate planning is increasingly necessary for most Australians, meeting those estate planning needs usually requires simple solutions, especially for older Australians, says Matt Walsh, General Manager Life and Super at Australian Unity.

Investment bonds offer a low cost estate planning solution

12 Sep 2016 - Since 2005, when the baby boomers started to age and retire en-masse, Australia has entered the beginning of a new era of intergenerational wealth transfer. 

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