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Ability, not relationship, what informed young investors want from advisers

01 Jun 2017 - Younger investors are focused on technical ability and results, not long-term relationship, when evaluating their financial advisers – according to data from the latest bi-annual Lifeplan ICFS Financial Advice Satisfaction Index.

Busting myths about sustainable investing - good for the planet and you

31 Aug 2016 - Sustainable investing is good for the planet, and good for investors. It is not just for the greenies, and it is no longer a niche market. As a category, core responsible investments have outperformed its benchmarks over 1, 3, 5 and 10 year periods[3], and there are an increasing number of options available for sustainably minded investors. Today, we bust four myths that might be holding you or your clients back from making sustainable investment decisions.

Senior Media Manager