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Investment Bond Basics

30 Sep 2019 - Are you looking for an investment that is easy to set up and manage, has low fees, and is tax effective?

A little can go a long way with investment bonds

30 May 2019 - Tax effective investment bonds are staging a strong comeback with Australian investors. Today’s investment bond provides people with a valuable alternative to invest across all the major asset classes. Used to fund major life expenses, complement superannuation or pay for aged care, investment bonds are a tax-effective choice. Let me tell you why.

Education – an investment worth planning for

11 Jan 2019 - With many young Australians about to start their university journey in the coming weeks, families across Australia are turning their attention to what the year ahead will financially look like.

Australian Unity funeral bond set to disrupt market

25 Jul 2017 - Australian Unity today launched an innovative new investment product FuneralPlan Bond. With growth-oriented investment options the Bond is designed to provide returns greater than inflation and an option for investors not requiring a capital guarantee.

Government super changes are here, but majority unprepared

24 Jul 2017 - Despite significant media coverage, survey results released today by Australian Unity show the majority of Australians approaching retirement aren’t aware of or prepared for the government’s recent super changes.

Ability, not relationship, what informed young investors want from advisers

01 Jun 2017 - Younger investors are focused on technical ability and results, not long-term relationship, when evaluating their financial advisers – according to data from the latest bi-annual Lifeplan ICFS Financial Advice Satisfaction Index.

Super changes 2017

29 May 2017 - Considering investment bonds to complement your clients' Super

Confusing aged care system? Follow these 4 simple steps

29 May 2017 - Residential aged care can be a complex maze that is difficult to navigate, even for professional financial advisers.

Investment bonds a tax effective superannuation alternative

07 Dec 2016 - With the superannuation reforms announced in the Federal Government’s 2016-17 Budget being realised, it is imperative that people consider ways to achieve a tax effective retirement income outside the superannuation system, says Matt Walsh, general manager of Life and Super at Australian Unity.

Access appropriate tools for simple planning

07 Dec 2016 - While estate planning is increasingly necessary for most Australians, meeting those estate planning needs usually requires simple solutions, especially for older Australians, says Matt Walsh, General Manager Life and Super at Australian Unity.

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