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HUB24 adds Platypus Asset Management’s low cost systematic fund

08 Jun 2017 - Platypus Asset Management’s Systematic Growth Fund has been added to Hub24’s investment menu. The low-cost systematic fund has returned 8.66% per annum since inception in November 2009, outperforming the S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation index over this time by more than 1% per annum after fees.

Investors must come to terms with lower future returns

27 Jul 2016 - An uncertain and unpredictable macro-economic environment, with unprecedentedly low interest rates, will continue to create challenges for investors, according to Australian Unity Investments' joint venture asset managers.

Fund Style Drift Can Impact Risk Exposure

27 Apr 2016 - Investors need to be aware of the effects of "style drift" of funds they hold in their portfolios, warns Don Williams, chief investment manager at Platypus Asset Management.

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