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Platinum Investment Bond Announcement

Media Release
19 Mar 2021

Launch of the Platinum Investment Bond

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Platinum Investment Bond (Bond), our latest investment bond.

The Bond is a collaboration between Platinum Investment Management Limited, trading as Platinum Asset Management (Platinum), the issuer of the underlying investment options of the Bond and Lifeplan Australia Friendly Society Limited, which is the issuer of the Bond and responsible for the administration and operation of the Bond.

The Platinum Investment Bond is an investment vehicle that offers unique tax advantages not available through many other savings and investment products, with access to Platinum’s global equity investment capabilities through their Platinum International Fund and Platinum Asia Fund.

Here is a summary of some of the key features of the Platinum Investment Bond:

Feature Description
Minimum investment Start with as little as $1,000 – or more
Regular Investment Plan Set up a Regular Investment Plan, with as little as $50 per investment option
Investment options The Platinum Investment Bond offers two investment options:
  • Platinum International Fund
  • Platinum Asia Fund
Management costs The management cost is 1.35% p.a. comprising:
  • An administration fee of 0.30% p.a., and
  • An investment management fee of 1.05% p.a.

Visit for more information on the Platinum Investment Bond.

Lifeplan Australia Friendly Society Limited
ABN 78 087 649 492, AFS Licence No. 237989
Reply Paid 89, Adelaide SA 5001

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