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  1. Australian Unity Annual Review 2019
  2. Overview

2019 at a glance

The FY2018 year includes the sale of the Group’s corporate health insurance business, Grand United Corporate Health Limited (GUCH), affecting the comparative results for FY2017.

   Revenues: comprise revenue and other income receipts (shown as the bottom section of the bar chart) as shown in the Consolidated statement of comprehensive income in the Annual Report, excluding discontinued operations, plus life investment contract premium receipts (shown as the top section of the bar chart). The latter receipts are recorded as movements in benefit fund policy liabilities in the balance sheet and not through the statement of comprehensive income.

Members’ funds: net assets of the Group attributable to members.

* Assets & funds under management and advice: including developments and associated debt facilities.

The FY2018 year excludes the sale of GUCH, affecting the comparative results for FY2017.

^ Profit before income tax: attributable to members of Australian Unity Limited. Includes the before-tax profit from discontinued operations.


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