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  1. Australian Unity Annual Review 2018

Australian Unity Annual Review

Australian Unity is a 178 year-old mutual organisation.

Our long history has seen us involved in providing a wide range of services to the community.

Today we govern our operations informed by our purpose & ambition, our commercial strategy, our areas of operation and the significant challenges affecting individuals and the community.

Our purpose

We are here to help people thrive


To build a commercial, sustainable portfolio of businesses that foster individual and community wellbeing

Areas of Operation

Health, Wealth and Living


We face the rapidly multiplying health, care & support, and financial needs of a national population, which is not only growing, but also ageing and suffering increasing levels of chronic disease. The economic and societal consequences are upon us and will only be met by the development of the requisite social infrastructure to address these needs. This is the challenge.

Some social infrastructure can be described as ‘hard’—built form projects such as hospitals, residential aged care or community precincts. It can also be ‘soft’—including workforce requirements, new business systems and new models of care.

Australian Unity acknowledges the enormity of the national challenge to meet the growing demand for social infrastructure in all its forms and seeks to make a selective, but valuable, contribution through its business operations.


Over 178 years supporting the health and wellbeing of Australians


Helping you to reach your financial goals and secure your future


Exceptional places, communities and services to help you thrive