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Submission to the Senate Economics Reference Committee

Thought Plus
31 May 2015

As one of the nation’s oldest mutual organisations, Australian Unity has a vital interest in contributing to the discussion on the role mutuals, co-operatives and member-owned firms do and can play in the Australian economy, and how they can be enabled, encouraged and supported to contribute to the diversity and resilience of the economy and to the nation’s social infrastructure.

Australian Unity believes mutuals can continue to play a key role in providing diversity in the provision of goods and services to the community into the future. This diversity aids overall resilience in the economy and is of particular relevance for those Australians living outside the major cities.

Further, in a future where policymakers are faced with the health and financial challenges of an ageing population and greater chronic disease, Australian Unity believes the mutual sector has an opportunity to help ease the growing pressure on government services. The similarity of purpose between mutuals’ goal to serve the interests of its members, and governments’ goal to serve the interests of the people, can be leveraged for better public policy, and the provision and more efficient delivery of future social infrastructure.

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