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Nyunggai Warren Mundine Great Australia Day Breakfast Address 2014

Thought Plus
25 Jan 2014

Australian Unity has hosted the Great Australia Day Breakfast for many years now as an integral part of our commitment to building personal and community wellbeing. 

This commitment has, over the more than 170 years of our history, seen Australian Unity actively contribute to the building of the Australian nation, Australia Day itself and other substantial issues of public discourse, while we continue our commercial activities of providing high trust products and services that enable our customers and members to enjoy wellbeing.

Australian Unity Chairman Glenn Barnes addressed the annual Great Australia Day Breakfast on Australia Day in Queen’s Hall at the Parliament of Victoria, and introduced this year’s keynote speaker, Warren Mundine.

In his Australia Day address, Mr Mundine spoke of reconciliation involving both the wrongdoer and the wronged taking steps towards each other to restore or establish a relationship after a conflict or estrangement.

“It seems to me” he said, “that when we talk about reconciliation in the context of Indigenous affairs, we talk a lot about the sorry part but we don’t talk much about the forgiveness part.”

He said that for real reconciliation, “Indigenous people also need to forgive.”

In his speech, Mr Mundine said that drawing a line in history means Indigenous people permitting themselves to "love their country, express patriotism, take pride in Australia’s successes and achievement, and feel part of Australia as a nation, in addition to their own Indigenous nations."

Read Warren Mundine’s Great Australia Day Breakfast transcript in full.

In his Great Australia Day Breakfast address held in Queen’s Hall at the Parliament of Victoria, Melbourne, Warren Mundine said indigenous Australians needed to "forgive Australia as a nation" and permit themselves to "love their country (and) take pride in Australia's successes and achievement".

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