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NAB Health Insights Dinner

Thought Plus
29 Jul 2015

Australian Unity believes the health system must pursue options that assist people to good health and help them avoid acute care as much as possible. This will be both in the patient’s best interest and the that of the broader public, as health costs are rising fast and threatening to overwhelm state budgets. Effective preventative health programs are one element of this win/win for consumers and taxpayers.”

Patients are best served if the barriers between primary healthcare providers and other health professionals are broken down and health data is more accessible and readily shared, Australian Unity Healthcare Chief Executive Officer Amanda Hagan says. If health insurers can access health data before a patient is hospitalised, they can offer a range of services. Existing preventative health programs such as Remedy Healthcare are rated highly by participants looking for support to improve their health.

Access a copy of Amanda Hagan's speaking notes here.