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Ms Jennifer Westacott's 2015 Australia Day Address

Thought Plus
25 Jan 2015

Each year Australian Unity hosts the Great Australia Day Breakfast as an integral part of our commitment to building personal and community wellbeing. This commitment has, over 175 years of our history, seen Australian Unity actively contribute to the building of the Australian nation, Australia Day itself and other substantial issues of public discourse.

On Monday 26 January, Australian Unity Chairman Glenn Barnes addressed the annual Great Australia Day Breakfast in Queen’s Hall at the Parliament of Victoria and welcomed this year’s keynote speaker, Business Council of Australia’s Chief Executive Ms Jennifer Westacott.

“I want to talk about the kind of Australia I wish for. For me, thinking about that future begins with an honest reflection about the changes taking place around us,” Ms Westacott said. 

Ms Westacott called for an Australia with the best infrastructure in the world, a world class health system, and skills, training and education to provide for future generations.

“These changes are not in the future anymore—they are with us now. They are impacting on our economy, our labour market, our national budget and the choices we have as individual Australians."

Read Jennifer Westacott’s Great Australia Day Breakfast speech in full.