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Is your health affected by where you live?

Thought Plus
27 Nov 2015

You may not know it, but where you live may have a significant influence on how you are treated in the health system. For instance, did you know that knee arthroscopies for people over 55 are seven times more common in some areas of Australia than others? And this is despite the evidence that knee arthroscopy is of little benefit for people with osteoarthritis, and may in fact cause harm.

This is just one of the findings contained in the first Australian Atlas on Healthcare Variation, published by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care. Australian Unity congratulates the Commission on its outstanding work.

You may be interested, for instance that for psychotropic medications for children under 17, the prescription rate per 100,000 people in the area with the highest rate was 75 times higher than in that with the lowest rate.

If you are interested in seeing how your area compares, see the Australian Atlas of Healthcare Variation. It makes for interesting reading.