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Health System Wastage – Your experiences shared

Thought Plus
17 Dec 2015

In October, we asked you to join our campaign for health system change, starting with the level of waste and inefficiency that is rife in the health system. We were overwhelmed by the response, with more than 900 of you asking to join the campaign, and many of you sharing your experiences of health system inefficiency. Thank you to those who have taken the time to join and share.

We advised that our plan is to collate these responses and to publish them on our website. You can see these responses here.

We are also writing to the federal health minister Sussan Ley to provide her with a compilation of your concerns, as she deliberates over how to create the most efficient and effective health system into the future.

You may also be interested in further information about what you might be able to do as a patient in the health system to address inefficiency. If so, please watch the infographic here.