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A different take on Australia Day 2014: Pop-up Street Art

21 Jan 2014

Australian Unity is proud to announce its support of Pop-up Street Art—a unique way of celebrating our nation’s heritage on Australia Day.

From the first stroke of the paint brush to the crowd’s applause, onlookers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane can watch the live development of street art on Sunday 26 January from 10 am onwards.

This human collage made up of various-sized posters and photographs of Thank You Australia entrants will build toward a finished work of art for completion at the end of the day.

Follow, capture and share the street art in progress via Australian Unity’s Instagram hashtag: #‎popupstreetart.

Thank You Australia is an online campaign that invites everyone to upload a unique message by combining a portrait photo of themselves with their own words of thanks to the Aussievault website for posterity. In doing so, future generations can look back and see the people and the values that have shaped our nation. 

For more information on Thank you Australia and to post your message of thanks visit

For further information and to organise an interview with one of the street artists, please contact:

Brendan Hennessy, Australian Unity Communications Adviser:

(03) 8682 6778 or

A description of each street artist can be found in downloads.