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Estate Planning

Estate planning is more than just having an up-to-date will.

It’s also about making sure your assets are protected so your
final wishes leave an enduring legacy.
At Australian Unity Trustees, we help you consider all potential outcomes when you are considering what you wish to happen if you lose capacity or when you pass away.

Estate planning is not just about after you pass away but ensuring that you and your estate are also protected should you lose capacity.

We will discuss strategies with you to increase the certainty that your final wishes will be observed, your assets will be distributed as you wish, and any beneficiaries are cared for in line with your wishes.

What is estate planning?

Our estate planning service is comprehensive and personalised to your needs and is delivered by our estate planning lawyers who bring substantial experience in assisting clients to develop comprehensive estate plans.

Estate planning can include many different outcomes, such as:

• A strategy which minimises the risk to your estate of challenge
• Protection of vulnerable beneficiaries through the establishment of testamentary trusts
• Protection of assets on behalf of beneficiaries who could face bankruptcy, divorce or legal action
• Strategies to minimise taxation for both the estate via discretionary powers and your beneficiaries through income streaming

Our estate planning service is comprehensive and tailored to your needs, and is delivered by our estate planning lawyers who bring substantial experience helping clients
create estate plans. 

It is about giving you certainty and peace of mind.


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