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Estate Administration

Australian Unity Trustees can act as executor to administer your estate and will act with the utmost integrity, independence and professionalism when doing so

When you pass away, an executor is responsible for administering
your estate and distributing your assets according to your will. The
duties of an executor can be lengthy, complex and emotionally

Importantly, if an executor makes a mistake in administering the
estate, they can be held personally liable for the financial loss.

For these reasons, many people ask Australian Unity Trustees to
assume some or all of the obligations and responsibilities.

What are our estate administration services?

We have two estate administration services:

Estate administration service

You can appoint Australian Unity Trustees as your executor in your Will or, if you are an executor and you wish to renounce your role, we can accept that position. If we are appointed you can be assured your wishes will be followed and your estate administered in an efficient and professional way. If an executor chooses to renounce, we will keep them up to date with progress, protect them from personal liability and reduce the personal impact of complex and varied beneficiary requests.

Executorial Assist service

Australian Unity Trustees can also assist an appointed executor and provide advice and guidance with regard to estate administration. 

These services are delivered by estate administration professionals who will ensure the estate is administered , correctly and in line with the will. 

They will also liaise with all the beneficiaries to ensure they understand the estate administration process, and answer any questions during the process.


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