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Personal Life Insurance

We’ll help your family prepare for the unexpected

Most families are carrying significant financial risk should the unexpected happen.

The big question you have to ask yourself is:

‘Would your family be able to maintain their lifestyle if you no longer earned an income?’

If your answer to this question is no, you need to consider transferring that financial risk to life insurance companies. They have a range of insurances which can help you fund your risk mitigation plan and give you enormous peace of mind – all for a small fraction of the sum insured each year.

Insurance can help your family maintain their lifestyle if life doesn’t go to plan.

Life risk insurance isn’t just about death, it can also help if you lose your ability to earn an income

The key to creating an effective life risk insurance plan is to visualise what a secure financial future would look like for your family if you were to die or could no longer earn an income.

It must take into account many issues, including ongoing living expenses, repayment of debts, and special expenses like schooling. It might also take into account the financial cost of fulfilling the aspirations of your dependants and other people close to you, or, if appropriate, your desire to leave a philanthropic legacy.

In the case of you suffering a severe illness or injury, you should also take into account the potential cost of hospitalisation, surgery, medicine, rehabilitation and home nursing costs.

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