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Home Care Service Price Guide

For Home Care Package customers in Victoria and Queensland,
as of 1 July 2020

Thank you for considering home care services from Australian Unity. We have been helping Australians stay happy and healthy for 180 years.

Whether you need a little bit of assistance, or a lot, Australian Unity is committed to helping you enjoy wellbeing and independence. We exist to help people thrive and proudly doing so for over 180 years.

Our goal is to help you to get the most out of your Home Care Package funding. For our current pricing and fees, please refer to the information below, which is current as of 1 July 2020.

We’re here to help you. To find out more or join Australian Unity, please call our friendly team on 1300 160 170 between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.  Alternatively you can email your enquiry to

Home Care Package Fee Structure

If you’re receiving funding from a Home Care Package, it’s important to know that there are fees related to the coordination of your services and management of your package. These are outlined in detail below.

Package Management Fees

This fee covers the cost of administration and organisational activities involved in managing your Home Care Package, including preparing your Home Care Package statements, claiming and reporting through government systems, and compliance and quality checks. This is calculated daily and charged as a monthly fee which will be detailed on your Home Care Package monthly statement.

Packages Package Management Fee
Home Care Package Level 1 $14.28 per fortnight
Home Care Package Level 2 $24.78 per fortnight
Home Care Package Level 3 $52.74 per fortnight
Home Care Package Level 4 $74.46 per fortnight

Care Management Fee

A great service starts with the set up and coordination of the services in your care plan and with Australian Unity you can decide how involved you want to be.

Options for Care Management comprise:

  • Fully-managed by Australian Unity: for a flat fee, we’ll coordinate all of your home care services, including managing any small or big changes that might be needed as and when you want them.
  • Self-managed by you: if you prefer to manage your own care, we charge a smaller fee that covers the cost of the mandated annual re-assessment and support plan review to ensure that your services meet your needs. Any additional care management will be charged per use at $80 per hour, in 15 minute blocks.

Care management fees are calculated daily and charged as a monthly fee which will be detailed on your monthly statement.


Fully managed by Australian Unity

Self managed by you

Home Care Package Level 1

$57.12 per fortnight

$33.88 per fortnight


Home Care Package Level 2

$95.34 per fortnight

Home Care Package Level 3

$154.36 per fortnight

Home Care Package Level 4

$228.86 per fortnight

Income Tested Fee

If you are a part pensioner or self-funded retiree, you may need to pay an income tested fee. This is a fee that is assessed and set by the Commonwealth Government. We will send you an invoice each month, which shows you the amount of the income tested fee that you’ll need to pay.

You won’t be charged these separate fees when you choose Australian Unity

Our goal is to help you to get the most out of your Home Care Package funding. That is why we don’t charge the following as separate costs:

  • Establishment fee: No initial set-up costs to come on-board.
  • Basic daily fee: We don’t ask you to contribute to the cost of your services through this out of pocket fee.
  • Separate fee when you want to receive services from another provider: Should we need to engage another provider on your behalf you won’t be charged an additional fee to engage that provider.
  • Travel fees: No extra per kilometre charge for care workers to travel to your home or preferred service location.
  • Exit fee: We’re confident in the quality of our service, so we don’t charge you to leave.

Personal Care

Dignified support with the most important daily tasks.

We charge different rates based on the complexity of the task and knowledge and training required to complete it. Basic level personal care has the minimum rate, including simple services like showering, dressing or toileting. High level personal care like bowel care or blood pressure monitoring has a higher fee. Advanced level personal care activity is charged at the maximum rate, where your needs require task- or condition - specific training such as medication via a PEG feed or peristeen bowel routine.

Personal Care†





Weekday 6am-8pm




Weekday 8pm-6am












Public Holiday




Overnight and 24 Hour Support
24 Hour* Overnight^
Weekday $480 $310
Saturday/Sunday $700 $350
Public Holiday $1,200 $420

Domestic Assistance

Enjoy a well-deserved break while we take care of your household tasks.

Basic cleaning and household tasks (Domestic Assistance) are charged at the minimum rate, covering daily household chores such as wiping kitchen benches, washing dishes, making beds. Routine cleaning services include tasks that are usually done on a less frequent basis such as cleaning bathrooms, cleaning stove tops, mopping and vacuuming. Intensive cleaning is charged at the maximum rate and includes infrequent one-off deep cleans including bathrooms and fridges.


Cleaning and household tasks - Domestic Assistance†

Routine Cleaning†

Intensive Cleaning†

Shopping & meal preparation†

Weekday 6am-8pm





Weekday 8pm-6am















Public Holiday





Health Services

Allied Health Services

Flexible allied healthcare services, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and podiatry delivered at home so you can stay fit and healthy.

Service Metro† Regional†
Physiotherapy $120 $140
Exercise Physiology $120 $140
Podiatry $120 $140
Dietetics $98 $98
Occupational Therapy – living safely at home $120 $140


MindStep® is an evidence based low-intensity guided self-help service for people with symptoms of either or both mild-to-moderate anxiety and depression, and is designed to run alongside any existing psychological care.

Price on application so we can consider your individual circumstances


Telehealth is an online video or telephone consultation with allied health clinicians. It’s similar to a face-to-face consultation, just delivered remotely for customers in rural towns and remote communities.


Holistic Assessment

Through our holistic assessment service we offer a general allied health review to provide recommendations and guidance to current and future care needs from a clinical perspective.

Holistic Assessment
Level 1 & 2 Home Care Package Level 3 & 4 Home Care Package
$95 $195
(covered under care management fees)

In-Home Nursing

Our nurses are available day and night to support your health at home.

There are different rates dependent on the complexity of the care needed. An Enrolled Nurse is charged at the minimum rate, providing basic nursing care such as basic wound dressings and blood glucose monitoring. A Registered Nurse will provide more holistic health assessments and clinical advice, more complex wound care, and administration of medications including injections. Advanced nursing care is charged at the maximum rate and includes continence assessments or advanced, complex wound care.

Prices for nursing care include a basic dressing kit and diagnostic equipment. All other consumables and/or specialist nursing equipment that are provided will be charged to the client at cost.


Enrolled Nurse†

Registered Nurse†

Advanced Nursing†

Weekday 6am-12pm




Weekday 12pm-6pm




Weekday 6pm-6am












Public Holiday




Home Maintenance and Gardening

Home and garden maintenance services to keep your home the way you like it. This includes gardening, home modifications and handyman services.

Home modification & maintenance Spring cleaning Handyman services, lawn mowing & gardening
Price on application so that we can consider your individual circumstances.
Please contact us for more information

In-Home Respite and Social Support

Our Social Support service provides flexible support for you in your community so that you can enjoy activities and time with friends and family. We also offer in-home respite so that you and your regular carer can enjoy a well-deserved break.

One-on-one social support & In-home respite

Group social support

Pet care

Weekday 6am-8pm


Price on application

Price on application

Weekday 8pm-6am






Public Holiday


Other Services and Charges




In-Service Travel (e.g. taking you to an appointment)

Per KM


Travel cost to visit you

Per KM


Separate fee when you want to receive services from another provider

Per Shift


Choose your Care Worker – 30min Video Interview

Per Interview


Choose your Care Worker – 30min In-Person Interview

Per Interview


Home Move

Per Move


Find out about our full range of flexible support options

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Terms and conditions:
Fee schedule valid 1 July 2020 through to 30 June 2021, but may be subject to change at any time as published.

* Includes 8 hours active service. Further conditions apply, please contact your local branch to discuss.
^ 10 hour shifts including 2 hours active service. Further conditions apply, please contact your local branch to discuss.
Minimum service charge: A minimum charge equivalent to one hour of service applies to all services. Charges are per hour and not pro-rata, unless otherwise agreed.
β Eligibility for the service is based on your location under the Modified Monash 2019 Category and includes: Medium rural towns; Small rural towns; Remote communities; and Very remote areas.

Price on application (POA): Quoted based on your individual requirements.

Cancellations: Notice must be received by 5pm the day before the scheduled service or a cancellation fee equivalent to one hour of service may apply, unless otherwise agreed.

Short services: Price on application for services less than 60 minutes. Please speak with your local branch team member for further details.

Tax: GST will be added to the price where applicable.

Fees are for services provided by Australian Unity staff, and are applicable to Home Care Package clients.

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